1. Girls happily eating pizza in alley

    Pizzas for Any Mood

    For many of us, except for the lucky few of unbreakable will, our attitude and moods drive our eating habits. Maybe that’s not always the most healthy thing, but we’re not your doctor, and we get it. Whatever the mood may be, we’re fine with you indulging yourself every once in a while. At Hol…Read More

  2. Six Healthy Reasons to Love Pizza

    It's been drilled into our minds that pizza isn't healthy. Well, like most blanket statements, that's not necessarily true. With the right ingredients and healthy choices, you can enjoy pizza pretty often without seeing negative effects on your health. Here are a few legitimate reasons you might wan…Read More

  3. Hollywood Pizza Cafe’s Signature White Pizzas

    There are many different kinds of pizza out there - siclian, deep dish, neapolitan, thick crust, thin crust — but one of our specialties at Hollywood Pizza Cafe is the white pizza. Unlike most pizza places, that have one white pizza option or nothing, we offer a full, mouth-watering line of white …Read More

  4. The Best Pizza in Hollywood!

    Hollywood is an incredible area full of amazing things to see, do, and eat. Whether you want to learn more about the history of this storied part of California, shop at some of the most coolest stores, or eat some of the best food in the country, Hollywood is the place where you can do it all. If yo…Read More