There are many different kinds of pizza out there – siclian, deep dish, neapolitan, thick crust, thin crust — but one of our specialties at Hollywood Pizza Cafe is the white pizza. Unlike most pizza places, that have one white pizza option or nothing, we offer a full, mouth-watering line of white pizzas.

What is White Pizza?

Originating in Rome, the “Pizza Blanca,” is simply a pizza that doesn’t include tomato sauce. For the Romans, this most commonly refers to their popular street food. It’s essentially focaccia bread, topped with cheese, and sprinkled with sea salt.

Over the years and across the Atlantic, the idea of white pizza has evolved into different variations of the famous Roman cuisine. For many, white pizza comes with a garlic-olive oil sauce, mozzarella, and a spattering of traditional Italian veggies. For others, it comes with a type of ricotta blend.

Qualities of White Pizza

White Pizza almost always comes on a thin crust and is typically at least a little crispy on the bottom. It also tends to be a little lighter on the waistline.

Fresh herbs and vegetables are what make a white pizza pop. Herbs like basil and arugula give an earthy spice to the pizza, while fresh veggies and lean meats provide flavor and protein without the requisite grease you’d see on more “red-blooded” pizzas.

Add on capers or garlic, and you also have a pizza that is rich in antioxidants with a full-bodied flavor.

The Family Difference

Like every pizza on our menu, our white pizzas are a blend of classic styles and our own creations.

  • The Arugula White — A basic pizza, but a classic. The arugula white pizza follows the simplistic style you’d expect to see from a white pizza. The fresh arugula sets off the creamy sauce and mozzarella cheese for a crowd-pleasing flavor.
  • The Margherita White — A classic margherita with our creamy ricotta base provides a fresh take on an old classic.
  • The Prosciutto Reggiano — Now we’re getting Italian. The salty savoriness of prosciutto pairs with the arugula for a blend of bold flavors that mix well with our creamy base.
  • The Chicken White — Maybe the most familiar flavor blend of the white pizzas, the chicken white provides lean protein and offsets the creamy white base with the earthiness of mushrooms and the zest of red onions.
  • The Lox Salmon Arugula — The mother of all white pizzas, customers who have a finely developed palate will drool over the savory, creamy goodness of the Lox Salmon Arugula. Salmon, capers, red onions, and arugula pair up with mozzarella, extra cream cheese, and our signature base.

Our white pizza base was developed over the years in our owner’s family kitchen. The Martynovs are at the heart of all of our recipes and this one is no different. Our white pizza options are topped with a saucy blend of whipped cream cheese and fresh Ricotta, along with some family secrets.

Of course, we can’t give out all of our secrets – they’re what helped us become the “Best Pizza Slice in Town.” However, with simple and fresh ingredients, we’re confident you’ll see what the town has been raving about. Indulge in our white pizza menu today!