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For many of us, except for the lucky few of unbreakable will, our attitude and moods drive our eating habits. Maybe that’s not always the most healthy thing, but we’re not your doctor, and we get it. Whatever the mood may be, we’re fine with you indulging yourself every once in a while.

At Hollywood Pizza Cafe in Hollywood, we have flavor options for every mood. We have pizzas that can win over a crowd or set you apart from them. Here are just a few of our options that might keep the party going or bring you back to earth, depending on your mood.

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Celebratory — Works and House Special

Pizza is a go-to food for special occasions. When you’ve worked hard for something or a blessing falls in your lap, sometimes you just need to live it up to reward yourself. A little luxury can go a long way. If you’re really up for a treat that hits all the flavor sensations, that pleases a crowd, and that reflects the feeling of having it all, then look no further than the works and house special.

Loaded with two types of meat and at least three veggies each, these pizzas are a flavorful addition to any party and with the zesty range of flavors it provides, without being too light or too heavy, these pizzas are sure to keep the celebration going.

Ravenous — Meat Lover’s

Sometimes you just feel ravenous. We’re lucky enough to be in a country where this can usually be avoided, but sometimes we just get caught up in the hectic nature of everyday life and miss out on protein or enough calories of any sort. When that happens, you can get a feeling that touches on some of the oldest parts of the human brain. A primal need to eat something substantial comes into play, and a salad or light and airy pizza just won’t do the trick. For this kind of mood, there’s no better pizza than the meat lover’s.

Piled high with six different types of meat, our meat lovers pizza will fill that primal desire and your stomach, and bring you from a caveman ready to attack to someone who just wants to relax.

Fancy — Lox Salmon Arugula

Oh, you fancy huh? Well if you’re feeling a little extra, the lox salmon arugula is for you. With salmon, capers, and cream cheese, this white pizza selection is far from your average American fare. This darling pizza gives you the carby, cheesiness that you so desire from traditional pizza but allows you to feel a little less guilty than meatier options, plus, it’s a solid conversation piece with those people who have become bored with “regular” pizza. Oh, the nerve.

Classically Cool — Prosciutto Reggiano

The prosciutto reggiano is the hipster of our group. As much as we want to deny it, the kid looks fresh, and the small but-oh-so noticeable differences in style makes the prosciutto reggiano stand out from the crowd. Slightly bold, but tame nevertheless, the pro reg offers flavors you can’t get from most pizzas while being upheld on the classic bread, cheese, and garlic combination that’s sure to please a crowd. For a pizza that puts a spin on the status quo without ever pushing it over, the prosciutto reggiano is the way to go.

Need Pizza — Cheese and Pepperoni

Needing pizza is a feeling we’re all familiar with. Maybe the most craveable food on the planet, the love for pizza is one that’s stuck in most of our brains, and it doesn’t usually come in the form of some fancy or decadent pie. If you just need to satisfy that craving, go with a crowd-pleaser of cheese or pepperoni pizza. It will help you get through that craving without breaking the bank and if you’re serving a group of people, these two choices are the most universally accepted pizza options.

Mad Scientist — Build Your Own

There are some days where you just get a feeling of creativity and taste welling up inside you. It’s as if everything you touch or create turns to gold. These are the days that you might want to make up your own pizza, and with our extensive variety of toppings, you’ll be able to form a masterpiece unique to you and your creative mood.

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