Hollywood is an incredible area full of amazing things to see, do, and eat. Whether you want to learn more about the history of this storied part of California, shop at some of the most coolest stores, or eat some of the best food in the country, Hollywood is the place where you can do it all.

If you live in Hollywood or you’re staying in the area for a vacation, chances are good that you’ll want a slice of pizza at some point. Instead of relying on a chain for a mediocre pie made with bland or chemical-packed ingredients, stop by or order pizza from Hollywood Pizza Café! Every slice of our pizza is made with tasty ingredients, we have tons of options for people who eat a vegan or gluten-free gluten-free diet, and our restaurant has a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Come by, or order a pizza for delivery today!

The Most Delicious Ingredients

While a lot of pizza places are content with getting their ingredients in bulk from food suppliers who don’t really care about quality, at Hollywood Pizza Café, we do things our own way. We know that the best way to make something taste great is to use recipes that have been refined to perfection using ingredients that are fresh and local. We source as many ingredients as we can from area farms, and we buy the highest-quality meats, because we can always taste the difference between fresh produce and meats and food that was packaged and shipped from another part of the country or the world.

Vegan and Gluten-Free Pizza

If you have a gluten sensitivity or allergy, it can be almost impossible to find places that serve food you can eat. At Hollywood Pizza Café, we have many different options for people who avoid gluten, including an extremely delicious gluten-free crust, GF sauces, and plenty of toppings!

All of our pizza dough is vegan, so you can come in an grab a slice loaded with fresh veggies if you want an animal product-free meal that you’ll love!

Great Atmosphere

When you come in to our restaurant, you’ll feel at home right away. The smell of the food and of our delicious coffee will make you hungry, and put you at ease. We’ve got space for groups to eat together, as well as spots for diners who are eating on their own. Make sure to snap a few pics in our selfie booth to commemorate your visit to the best pizza place in Hollywood!

We’re always open late, so if you’re leaving a club or a show and you need something delicious to power you through the rest of your night, stop by and grab a slice. We’re here until 3am Sunday through Wednesday, and 4am on Thursday-Saturday.

While pizza is what we’re best known for, we’re also a cafe that serves delicious coffee and other tasty beverages all day (and night). If you want something to eat but you aren’t in the mood for a slice, stop in and grab one of our signature salads, sandwiches, or pasta bowls. If you’ve never had a Sunny Side Up Egg Boat (our version of a Turkish pide), you are missing out. Check out the rest of our menu, here.

Come by, call us, or order pizza online today!